Guide to Letting

Be organised

Make sure you have all of the required certificates in place, e.g. gas certificate, electrical certificate, lender approval and EPC. Don’t leave it until the last minute because if there is a problem, you may not have time to deal with it before a tenant wants to move in and you could lose out!

Let the Letting Agent have a key

It makes life a lot easier if agents can access the property at the convenience of the potential tenant. Delaying viewings could potentially result in them finding another property they like in the meantime.

Be prepared to be flexible

The more at home a tenant feels the longer they will want to rent. Be prepared to allow them to put pictures up and if need be, decorate a child’s room. Just agree it is on the basis that they make the areas good when they do leave.


If you have a loft or garage, it’s likely that tenants will want to make use of the space for storage. Making sure such areas are clear and free for use will make the property even more appealing and help lead to a quicker let.


Make sure you budget for general house maintenance. Running a property and keeping it up-to-date requires regular work. This is your investment and you want to ensure the property maintains its value.

Plan ahead

We suggest you budget to repaint the property every five or six years between tenancies. This ensures you keep your investment up-to-date and helps to maintain the value.

Remember it is not all about the fee

It’s easy to assume that the cheapest agent puts more money in your pocket. However, if things are not done properly, this could cost you more money in the long term. It could ultimately lead to you having to spend money evicting the tenant and putting the property right.

Think long-term

The majority of tenants, especially families with children in school, want stability and longevity. When letting properties, you should be aiming for five to ten years rather than two to three years.

First impressions

Lastly, before a viewing, make sure the property is well-presented and in good order. You only get one chance to make a first impression. If you have a garden, don’t forget to tidy that too! It comes with the property and it will make the property more appealing if grass is mowed, and bushes are cut back.